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                Surgical Video
                Operative Significance
                • HIV Prevention
                • Reduce the Risk of Penile Cancer and HPV
                • Reduce Urinary Tract Infection
                • Reduce Balanitis and Prepuceitis
                • Improve Sexual Function
                • Improve Fertility
                • Reduce the Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
                Operation Principle
                Perfect application of Mechanics, Anastomosis, Circular Cutting and Automatic Suturing in Circumcision
                Performance Advantage

                The 1st Generation CircCurer

                Standardized procedure, safe and easy

                Short operation time (3-5 mins after anesthesia)

                Automatic suturing, light pain

                Less edema, less bleeding and less complications

                Fast healing, staples drop automatically

                Cosmetically pleasing result

                The 2nd Generation CircCurer Advanced Design

                The triggering force is more uniform, stable and no deviation

                The adjusting knob can rotate freely, trigger more easily

                One hand trigger, accurate anastomosis

                Academic Advantage
                Surgical Methods Comparison
                Item Traditional Clamp & Ligation Anastomosis
                Operation Time 45-60 mins Around 10 mins 3-5 mins
                Intraoperative Bleeding Excessive Bleeding Little Bleeding Little Bleeding
                Postoperative Pain About 3-5 days About 5-7 days Slight Pain
                Incision Roughness incision, more bleeding and hematoma Flat incision, but slow healing and susceptible to infection. The device is easy to slide off and adhere to foreskin Smooth incision, aesthetic appearance and few complications
                Seven models available from newborn to adult
                Surgical Procedure
                Indications and Contraindications



                Prepuce Redundant


                Penile Dysplasia

                Acute Balanoposthitis, Urethritis, Balanitis

                Coagulation Dysfunction

                Secondary Phimosis or the Foreskin Cannot be Separated from the Glans.

                Suspicious Malignant Tumor of Prepuce

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